Lessons on Friendship

Yellow Rose: An historic signifier of friendship. Often connotes joy, good health and optimism.

But now I mourn the wilting of the roses... 

Letting go is difficult. Letting go of someone you call friend is excruciating. 

For too long, I overlooked the impact of friendships on my happiness and growth. 

I neglected my responsibility to ensure a fruitful and encouraging environment for myself.


I was complacent towards friendships that took more than they gave. I was forgiving of destructive behaviour.


For too long I clung to dying roses. 

How can something as beautiful as a rose be so unforgiving to behold? How can such sweet scent suffocate? How can demons be housed in the architectural beauty of the delicate petal?

I found myself looking, in confusion, into the eyes of the one strangling me; my dear friend. 

I found myself looking, in confusion, into the eyes of the one strangling me; myself. 

Reach out towards―

You have to make space for new growth. 

Gracefully unclasp your curling roses in the name of self love, self care and self preservation.

In retreating from friendships, I have found the overwhelming guilt of selfishness. Even in the knowledge that the relationship presents more harm than hope, there is difficulty in letting go. There is a level of brutality in the cutting of ties that emphasises a feeling of ungratefulness. But the reality is that letting go does not mean neglecting treasured memories. Time can and does separate individuals; and with compassion and understanding, the wounds can be made minimal. 

I will always hold dear the sunlight of the yellow roses. 

Trust in your own. 

Trust in your own. 

By Shamiso. Thank you for reading.


© 2019 by Shamiso Chirimuuta